A custom home vs. a project home

When you consider building a luxury new home it is sensible to consider the pros and cons of building a new custom home vs a project home.

A custom home vs. a project home

Some potential advantages of building a new custom home include:

One on one personalized service from our in house architects, builder, and project consultant. We only take on a limited number of new homes each year so each and every job is very important to us. We like to get to know our clients and build a strong relationship that will last beyond the construction of their new home.

Design flexibility. While we do have a range of pre-designed luxury homes the bulk of our work is custom-designed architecture. We start from first principles on all our jobs: site orientation, planning controls, unique design brief. We don’t merely try to make our existing design “fit” on your block. We want to get the absolute maximum out of your unique piece of real estate. A project home’s standard design often won’t reflect what’s best for your building lot – very basic things such as orientation (making sure sunlight gets to the right places – can make an amazing difference to the living environment), slope, and existing trees are also often overlooked

Site Management during construction. Our site supervisors will point out alternatives during construction regarding the design, prior to reaching that stage, therefore possibly making the change at no or minimum costs.

Some disadvantages to consider when building a custom design new home:

No custom home builder can compete on price with project home builders. Project builders will always have a much larger market share. A well-worn analogy is that Toyota is the most popular car and they are a very good choice when you consider price, quality lead time but they are just not a Mercedes Benz. Custom Homes will cost more than a project home, however, it is a unique product tailored to the specific needs of an individual client.

Custom designs are by their nature prototype designs. They do take longer to build and usually involve more of a handcraft attitude than project builds. When a project builder takes on a job they will be building exactly the same house from the slab up to the last job they built down the road. With a custom build, everything is bespoke and different from the last house we built.

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