Our Process

A planned & transparent approach to home architecture and construction developed specifically to deliver results.

Our 3 step approach outlines our responsibilities to ensure all aspects of the project delivery including costs and deadlines are fulfilled to your satisfaction.

Home architecture and design process - conception


• Initial consultation
• Project brief
• Site analysis of property
• Environmental and sustainable considerations where possible to promote a “green” solution
• Draft scope of works
• Sketch planning

Home architecture & construction process - Design & Development

Design & Development

• Conceptual and detailed design options
• Detailed project specifications
• Cost planning
• Prepare documentation and drawings required for Council and Private Certifier for approval
• Formal quotation & signing of HIA construction contract

Home architecture & construction process - building & construction

Building & Construction

• Construction planning
• Commencement of tender process
• Budget Control & Reporting
• Project management
• Occupational Health and Safety Compliance
• Quality Control
• Regular client meetings and correspondence
• Dedicated foreman
• Finishes consulting

Grandeur Builders Sydney guarantees your home will be of superior quality and built by our professional team who are committed to your project. You can enjoy the benefits of our experience and integrity necessary to manage and complete your next project on time and within a predetermined budget.

We take full responsibility for our sub-contractors, who understand the standard of service and workmanship we require from them. This gives us greater control over the schedule and allowing us to truly drive the project.

We believe the key to our success is:

– Commitment to quality and service

– Exclusive schedule of projects per year

– Our focus on old fashioned values and craftsmanship

– Open and honest communication with our clients

At Grandeur Builders Sydney, we sincerely look forward to working with you as we take the building journey together from commencement to completion.

Put your dream home design project into capable hands that you can trust.

Request a free consultation with one of our experienced residential architects today and take the next step toward making your dream home a reality.