Composing a design brief

The start to any design project is writing a design brief. This document is part wish list part mission statement for the build. Its purpose is to provide a distinct and clear direction to all parties involved in the designing of your new luxury home.

Composing a design brief

It is important to capture everything and anything relating to your project. Some ideas might seem completely unrealistic, however, you never want to question ‘why didn’t we explore that option at
the end of a project. All possible requirements should be thrown into the melting pot along with your architect’s design creativity, local planning controls, and your budget.

Ultimately the design brief is a tool to capture all your needs. It allows you the flexibility to explore all creative options and is a means to provide you with a unique lifestyle. These are your requirements and should never be about the architect’s ego. We are here to work with your ideas, guide you through potential spaces, and open up your imagination to a different way of living and interacting with your home environment. As your architects, we also enjoy being pushed and challenged while we develop your unique design so what might seem an unusual request could be the trigger for a truly great new home for your family.

A client’s design brief should evolve with the project. Ideals, perceptions, and goals all change as a project travels its course. The design brief is a document you can continuously refer back to, and one that provides a base for all development. The design brief is a very important document, so please take your time putting it together and in considering what is important to you as a family and how you would like to live.

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