Best Architectural Style For Your Custom Home

How To Choose The Best Architectural Style For Your Custom Home

Are you planning to build a custom home? It may be confusing when you have to choose which architectural style to go with. This is because there are dozens of home designs to choose from and each design can have endless variations. The beauty of building a custom home is that you get to pick out each aspect of the home. When you are choosing a custom home design, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. To help you choose the right design we have listed a couple of the most popular designs to help you.

How To Choose The Best Architectural Style For Your Custom Home

1. Modern

Modern designs are very popular and understandably so, their uniqueness allows homeowners to freely express themselves in the design. Open floor plans and spacious rooms are a key aspect of modern homes. These residences are often geometric with clean lines and flat roofs. Modern architecture must not be confused with contemporary architecture which may have similar features but is completely different.

2. Mediterranean

If you love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside and vice versa, a Mediterranean architecture may just be what you need. These homes have generous, open outdoor spaces that can be filled with many plants and greenery. Just like modern homes, these houses have open floor plans and each room flows into the next one. They have an asymmetrical layout that most often has archways and exposed beams.

3. Spanish

This architectural design is probably the easiest to recognize because it has stucco exteriors and red-tiled roofs. These houses are often one or two stories and have low pitched roofs. They have small windows that allow light to shine through but do not heat up the house. There often incorporate ornate doors and windows that are carved from wood. Wrought iron is used as a decorative feature in these homes.

4. French

For those that want their houses to look grand, the french architecture gives just that. French chateau designs have elaborate features such as steep roofs and dramatic chimneys. This design fits well in grand neighborhoods that have very big houses. French country architectural designs are less extreme and are usually smaller than french chateau designs. They have symmetrical floor plans and windows and doors are highly symmetrical as well. Natural stone and brick are top picks for the exterior of these homes.

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