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How to Design & Build Your Home on Time & On Budget

Building a house can be very difficult, even when you have a worthy architect, interior designer, and contractor. This is mainly because when you’re the property owner, you are the main administrator. As such, you’re responsible for any work that gets done, and for all of the expenses at the end of the day.

If you have an unlimited wallet and an open calendar, then sure, designing and building your house will usually be less of a chore. You can simply hire a bunch of people and let them do all the work. However, if you have a clear vision of the house you’d like to build, you have a limited budget (like most people), and you have a few deadlines that you have to meet, the job can get a million times harder.

Below, we will give you a few critical tips that will help you

How to design and build your house while sticking to your deadline and maintaining your budget.

1. Look through your Finances and Set your Budget

Firstly, it is very important to consider your finances before you even begin thinking about the floor plan you’d like, or planning out your favourite type of couch. This decision will effect most, if not all, of the other major decisions that will need to be made when it comes to your house’s construction.

When doing this, it is very important to initially begin by taking a good look at your finances, either by pulling up your bank accounts balance or previewing your savings statements. This will give you the maximum value you can afford to spend on the entire project, which will set your budget. If you need to take out a loan, now is the time to do so.

2. Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan

Next, you’ll want to plan out your finances. When it comes to this, organization is key. In this step, it’s very important to draft out a clear plan of the full design, construction, and furnishing process, then allocate funds accordingly.

Many people often forget that a budget influences far more than the type of TV you can buy. Your budget will influence the people you hire, the materials you use and the furniture you buy. As such, you’ll only want to reach out to designers, contractors and architects after you’ve concluded on how much you’ll be able to pay them. This will allow you to hire personnel that you can actually afford, and will factor in their payments into your overall budget.

3. Set Defined Deadlines

This final step will help you complete your project before your required deadline. When doing this, it’s very important to ask each leading member of your team what they must do to build and furnish your house, and how long these tasks usually take.

This will allow you to plot down a mock timeline for the entire building process. Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to regularly oversee the work and ensure that all tasks are being completed by their respective deadlines. Remember that building a house is a marathon that includes a lot of tiny steps, not a sprint that can be done in one go. As such, if each tiny step is done on time, the bigger house will be completed before your deadlines

Here at G B C, we enjoy constructing our customer’s dream houses. If you’d like to build a house under a set budget and with a strict deadline, contact us today. We are up for the challenge.

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