Project Homes vs Custom Build

Project Homes vs Custom Build: which is best for you

Have you recently decided to build a new house from scratch? If so, you may find yourself wondering what to do next; this is perfectly normal.

With a project that’s as big as home construction, most owners find it difficult to determine where to start, especially if their newbies who’ve never done it before. Should you start by hiring a contractor, or by consulting an architect about the upcoming project? Or should you prioritize working on your budget, rather than preparing your home construction plans first?

Well, while all of these options are things that will need to get done at some point, the most important thing you should start by doing is to take some time out and really think. Think about what you want from your home construction project.

Think about what you imagine the experience being like. And most importantly, think about what you’d like your finalized home to look like. All of these thoughts and questions will play a big part in helping you determine whether you should build a project house or a custom home, which is your first major hurdle.

In this blog, we are going to take a deep dive into project homes vs custom homes and help you determine which choice is best for you. Once you can differentiate between the two and make your decision, you’ll be able to see the next steps in your home construction quite clearly.

Custom Home Vs Project Home

Before we can get started comparing these two options, we’re going to quickly define them. A custom home is a house that has been designed specifically for you. It’s built to your specific needs and requirements, rather than by following a predesigned plan. Whereas on the other hand, a project home is a house that has been pre-designed, and that’s built from a pre-existing blueprint.

Pros and Cons of Custom Homes

Custom Homes are great because they are both designed and built specifically for you. You’ll get to choose exactly what goes into your property, and create something that’s completely unique. However, custom homes tend to be a little more expensive to construct than project homes. This is the case because of the fact that you’ll need to get a design done (which is an extra expense) then build, rather than simply building a pre-designed house.

Pros and Cons of Project Homes

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of custom homes is where project homes shine. Due to the fact that they’re built from a pre-determined plan, you’ll find that they make for much cheaper projects. In addition, they’re also projects that can be finished faster, so they’re ideal if you’re trying to meet deadlines. You won’t have to wait for weeks on end for the designs of your home to be finished before you can break ground.

Be that as it may, you’ll find that your home won’t really be unique to you if your build a project home, which is quite a significant downside.

Here at GBC, we’re proficient in building both custom and project homes and will be happy to help you make the most of your construction no matter which option you choose. Reach out to us, and we’ll get started building the home of your dreams.