Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Your Home In 2020

2020 is the year to be yourself. With so much going on around us, this is the time to put your personal stamp on any project you start. Interior design trends are leaning more towards self-expression and the top home designs highlight individuality and each family’s personal style. After you build your new home, you need to make sure that your interior design is stunning and you can still be comfortable. Read on to discover our top house design trends.

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Your Home In 2020

Sustainable materials

Sustainability has become a big topic in recent years. Society is gravitating more towards eco-friendly lifestyles and a more ecologically conscious existence. In home interior design the trends in 2020 are leaning more towards using materials such as bamboo, acacia and rattan for fixtures and as accents.

Easy-to-use fixtures

Lighting fixtures are a bold detail that brighten up a room. Easy to use options such as wall sconces with optional wire guards are so popular in 2020 designs. Such accents are perfect for people that want to invest in statement lighting without any hardwiring. Good lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance, invest in good lighting.

Vibrant colours

Neutrals are being replaced by vibrant colours and jewel tones. You are not restricted to just walling when it comes to incorporating colour. Tiles and cabinetry can be used to give a room a pop of colour. Palettes that include pinks, corals and earthy tones like golden yellow and caramel are very popular in 2020 designs.

Layered patterns

Layered patters are becoming more popular for tabletops and in-home design textiles. Pattern matching, like when the same pattern is incorporated in the walling, upholstery and furniture, is becoming more common. The fun thing about this trend is that there are no rules to follow. Be original with how you incorporate layered patterns.

Fun artwork

2020 is the year to start your art collection. If you already have one, use this time to grow your collection with unique art pieces. Antique paintings are having big comeback. The great thing about antique art is that it has a story attached to it and it looks classy. It will be fun hosting people and telling them the stories behind your art pieces.

Biophilic design

This is a 2020 interior design trend in which natural elements such as light and vegetation are incorporated into modern built environments. Research has shown that having such elements as a positive effect of reducing stress and balancing emotions. The biophilic design also increases productivity and creativity which makes this idea perfect for home offices.
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