How To Choose The Best Granny Flat Designs

How To Choose The Best Granny Flat Designs

A granny flat is a self-contained apartment that can be built on the premises of a home. The benefit of building a granny flat is it can be used by people of any age. Designing and building a granny flat has many constraints because in most cases you have minimal space available. Despite all these granny flats can be truly wonderful spaces that feel like a small cozy comfortable home.

Here is our guide on how to choose the best granny flat designs.

1. Ventilation and Exposure to Light

The best granny flat designs have maximum light exposure and ventilation so that there is plenty of sunlight and air in the granny flat. Consider the aspect of your property and have the windows put in strategically so that you can make the most of all the natural light that you have available on your property.

2. Maximise the Ceiling Height

This is an innovative way to enrich the look of your granny flat. The ceiling can be as high as 15 feet and this makes it look and feel more spacious. To disguise the extra length of the house you can have an arched roof that looks more natural. At GBC we have a lot of experience in designing beautiful granny flats. We will help you make the most of what you have available.

3. Spacious with long views

Did you know that granny flats that have long view sites appear to be more spacious even if they do not take up a lot of square footage? You can achieve this by not having stairwells and doors in the middle of the spaces so that the views that you have in your granny flat are not blocked. Space must be as empty as possible so that it does not look cluttered and cramped.

4. Proper Storage Capacity

This is a key aspect to having a functional granny flat. You must think of all your belongings that you would like to put inside the granny flat. Storage space is important so that everything that you want to put inside the home fits in well.
Finally, you need to think about the colour that your granny flat will have. Soft muted colours work for smaller granny flats and if you have a bigger space and a bright colour will make the granny flat pop.

At GBC we are experts at building granny flats. If you are looking to build one, contact our team and we will help you get it just right.
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